Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Guaranteed Way To Make Money

I know I used the word “Guaranteed,” quite a bold word, but I am confident in using it because if you follow my guidelines you will be guaranteed to make money online.

Now, I’m not going to pretend or try to convince you that making money online is as easy as some of the money marketing gurus will have you believe. In fact only 3% of those attempting to make money online actually succeed, while the 97% majority fails at the first hurdle.

There are many reasons for this failure rate. It usually involves those who want to make money online being in a desperate situation, needing money urgently, and signing-up for those money making programs that promise that they can make $2,000 dollars a day, for only a couple hours work a day. Trust me when I say you need to avoid these sorts of programs like the plaque, they are usually scams.

Then you have those who want to make money instantly. We are part of a fast living society that expects instant gratification, therefore making money instantly is anticipated whenever one joins a money making program. And lastly but perhaps the most important reason why 97% fail is because they do not learn the processes required for making money online.

There are many do’s and don’ts when setting up an online business, and once you get these right you can go on to make as much money as you like. Listed below are some of the practices that are necessary to make money online with affiliate marketing.

I have chosen affiliate marketing the main method of making money online because it has a proven track record, and in fact has been classed as a ‘license’ to print money. Put simply affiliate marketing involves selling other peoples’ products as an affiliate and making a commission on any sale made. You could say an affiliate is an independent salesperson.

To be a successful affiliate and make money online it is essential to learn these practices:

• Find out and know exactly what affiliate marketing is

• Research before you choose the niche market you intend to target

• Research SEO practises so that you can optimize your website

• Sign-up as an affiliate with the key affiliate merchants (Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare etc)

• Choose the right product from the affiliate merchant to match the chosen niche market

• Learn about squeeze pages and how to create one

• Purchase a domain name

• Create a website or squeeze page

• Market the website and

Follow the 7 Days Affiliate Marketing Blueprint that will take you through the steps to making money online with affiliate marketing in 7 days. It will show you each day what to do, and how to do each step in the process from the beginning to the end when you are present online, driving traffic to your website, building a list, and making money online.

As I said earlier making money online is not easy and you will probably come across problems before you start making money. But these issues are not insurmountable and can be resolved.

However if you want to be in the 3% who are successful you will have to put in some effort, follow the 7 Days Blueprint program and the instructions you receive over the 7 days, and by day 8 you should start to rake in some commissions.

The positives about this program are that the guess work has been taken out, the trial and errors have been made, it is FREE to follow, PLUS you have direct email contact with me if you have any questions.

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To Your Success

DeAnna Dubóis

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